Bulk upload

It is possible that data that are entered into GloBE-Reg are also held in other registries and databases. To maximize the findability, accessibility and reusability of these data at a global level, GloBE-Reg will provide a facility that allows it to signpost investigators to these data sources. To avoid manual double entry, GloBE-Reg will have the ability to bulk upload data from these other databases.

This bulk upload facility will be possible for two kinds of data sets

  • for the core data in GloBE-Reg so that the platform can signpost investigators to other registries that hold more detailed data
  • for the detailed longitudinal data in the drug specific modules in GloBE-Reg

To bulk upload, the following points need to be considered:-

  • data fields in the database that is downloading the data should match the fields in GloBE-Reg. These fields are available in GloBE-Reg Data Dictionary
  • the GloBE-Reg fields that are essential for bulk upload are those that are marked as mandatory in the GloBE-Reg Data Dictionary. In addition, GloBE-Reg will also require the name of the local database and local ID for each case that is being uploaded for the purpose of cross-linkage
  • amongst these essential fields, date of birth is the only personal identifier; it is recommended that the data supplier provides the actual date of birth as this will improve the linkage to source data as well as allowing additional value to investigators. However, if this not possible, then the data supplier can choose 15th and actual month and year.
  • GloBE-Reg will provide the bulk uploaded cases with a unique GloBE-Reg ID that will also identify them as cases that have been bulk uploaded
  • the data supplier will ensure that they are compliant with their local policies for data sharing with GloBE-Reg and will need to complete the GloBE-Reg Data Sharing Agreement.

Please contact the GloBE-Reg team to discuss if you are considering this option.