GloBE-Reg Collaborative Centre Grants

To develop and sustain a network of centres that are active users of the GloBE-Reg registry platform, GloBE-Reg is pleased to announce the launch of the GloBE-Reg Collaborative Centre (GCC) grants that will include a:

  • Set-up Grant for a new centre that wants to join the Collaborative and become an active user
  • Support Grant for an active centre within the Collaborative
  • Travel Grant for an active centre within the Collaborative
TypePurposeMaximum Amount Per Grant ApplicationDeadline
Centre Set-Up GrantTo support a centre for starting data entry on the GloBE-Reg platform and become a GCC£1500End of each quarter
Centre Support GrantTo support an active GCC in collecting high quality data on a specific drug class in the GloBE-Reg platform£5000End of Q1 and Q3
Centre Travel GrantTo support the travel costs of a researcher at a Centre for GloBE-Reg related activities£500End of each quarter

Grants Review Panel

On-line application form

Please discuss your application with the GloBE-Reg Project Management Group prior to submitting through the online link.

All applications will be reviewed by the Project Management Group and the Funds Review Panel.

Off-line versions of the application form (for reference only)