Information Sheets & Consent Forms

The GloBE-Reg registry is approved in the UK as a research database that archives non-personally identifiable information collected as part of routine clinical practice. In the UK, based on the ethics approval, the database operates an opt-in policy for consent for patients whose details are included in the Registry and this requirement will depend from one country to another. A fresh application for ethics and data governance approvals in the UK occurs every 5 years and the Registry was last approved in 2022 when the participant information sheets (PIS) and informed consent forms (ICF) were also created. The PIS and ICF for other languages that are based on the UK ethics approved paperwork are provided below as samples and we ask representative centres from countries to provide us with these so that they can be posted here. Local approval may be required so please consult local institutions. The Registry recommends that all local PIS and ICF should be reviewed every 5 years as a minimum. If you have any queries about these information sheets or would like to develop information sheets in another language, please contact the GloBE-Reg team.

LanguageCountryCityCentre Date of Revision
ArmenianArmeniaYerevan Yerevan State Medical University
Endocrinology Clinic
 Bulgarian BulgariaVarnaUMHAT “St. Marina”13/03/23
Chinese (simplified)ChinaBeijingBeijing Children’s Hospital07/07/22 (05/01/23)
EnglishUKGlasgowRoyal Hospital for Children07/07/22
GreekUKGlasgowRoyal Hospital for Children08/02/23