There is an increasing realisation across several stakeholders that post regulatory approval studies of new medicines may be more effectively performed through registry-based studies that collect real world data through a joint collaborative approach between all stakeholders. Such an approach can also serve the needs of the wider community in assessing clinical outcomes that require long-term follow-up, a facet that is particularly important in children. GloBE-Reg is developing a platform that can support post-regulatory approval studies for novel therapies for bone or endocrine conditions. The steering committee of GloBE-Reg consists of representatives from a wide range of professional organisations and members of industry.

The Project Team

The project team of GloBE-Reg is based at the Office for Rare Conditions at the University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. The team has played a leading role in several other registry projects including I-DSD, I-CAH, I-TS, EuRRECa and EuRR-Bone.
We are proud to be working with the following partners and grateful to industry for their support.

GloBE-Reg Latest News

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Get in Touch

We are very excited about this new project and are in the process of building this website. If you would like to find out more right now, feel free to contact info@globe-reg.net.
You can also follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GloBE_Reg.