GloBE-Reg is an international registry project that can support post-regulatory approval studies for multiple novel therapies for conditions affecting endocrine or bone health. The stakeholders of this project include patient, professional and scientific organisations as well as industry. 

GloBE-Reg receives research support funding from Novo Nordisk and the University of Glasgow

GloBE-Reg Registry

The GloBE-Reg Registry is now live. Access the Registry

GloBE-Reg Drop-in sessions

Come along to our first drop-in sessions for a live walkthrough of the Registry
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GloBE-Reg Latest News

GloBE-Reg Poster at ESPE

Brad Miller presented a poster titled: The Growth Hormone Study Module For Paediatric Growth Hormone Deficiency‐ In The Global Registry For Novel Therapies In Rare Bone & Endocrine Conditions (GloBE‐Reg) on behalf of the GloBE-Reg Growth Hormone Scientific Study Group at the ESPE conference in Rome. To view the pdf of the poster click here.… Continue reading GloBE-Reg Poster at ESPE

First GloBE-Reg Joint Meeting in Rome 14/09/2022

We successfully held our first face-to-face joint meeting in Rome and were pleased to have representatives from the Steering Committee, GH Scientific Study Group, Data Access Committee and Industry Partners in attendance.

Get in Touch

We are very excited about this new project and are in the process of building this website. If you would like to find out more right now, feel free to contact info@globe-reg.net.
You can also follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GloBE_Reg.